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The Brain Is Specialized
The cerebral and limbic brains are each divided into left and right hemispheres--creating four quadrants.
The Four-quadrant Brain
Each quadrant is specialized for unique functions.
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Your Whole Brain

The reptilian brain, or brain stem, is the most ancient brain and does not actually think. Sitting atop the spinal column, it directs instinctive bodily functions, metabolism, rewards and the sense of territory.

The limbic brain is a more primitive brain and is known as the seat of emotion. It wraps around the brain stem like a bagel and directs the autonomic nervous system, fight or flight responses, learning and memory.

The cerebral brain, or neocortex, is a younger brain in evolutionary terms and is known as the seat of thought. The powerful neocortex is what distinguishes humans from other animals. The cerebral brain directs strategic thinking and long-term planning. It adds nuance to and mitigates the emotional response of the limbic brain.

What Does Whole Brain Mean?Origin of the whole brain model

The term "whole brain" was coined by Ned Herrmann, former Corporate Manager of Management Training at General Electric, and developer of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).

To be whole brained means to incorporate both the analytical/sequential thinking of the left brain and the kinestheticl/holistic thinking of the right brain.

Whole brain activities are both intellectual and emotional, cognitive as well as experiential.

Things we do well are often naturally whole brained.

The purpose of whole brain training is to increase the number of things we do well by consciously applying techniques that support the whole brain approach to work and life.

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